Why you should work with us?

Reasons for choosing Freestand

Intuitive and customised campaign setup

Think of it like answering multiple choice questions about what your campaign should look like.

We take care of all operations

Imagine looking at your washing machine while it washes all your clothes

Familiarity and Collaboration

Every digital sampling is also a digital marketing campaign that allows you to bring on your best creative communicators on-board with the click of a button

100% transparency

No more being in the dark about your sampling campaigns: monitor the progress in the real time with our client dashboard

Built for delight aka kaafi khushi

Our platform is envisioned to delight the individuals who receive your product samples. We are passionate about it and are always there to bring on our experience and consultation readily for your digital sampling campaigns

We have entered the 2nd decade in the 21st century

And we know you care about your customer’s product trial experience so why not make it remarkable and relevant