One stop solution for all your digital product sampling needs

How does our platform work


Put together the plan of the campaign with complete & smooth customisations across important decisions


Seamless integrations allows for scalable and successful campaigns


Watch campaign happening in real time; anywhere, anytime



Decide and prioritize the goals of your sampling campaign that are best suited to your needs

Target audience

Custom audience targeting across multiple channel with wide reach and high precision.

Creative responsibility allocation

Time efficient processes to initiate all the creative design by the responsible parties.

Decisions and approvals

Plan the logistics and approve the designs of the campaign with ease



Custom Targeting the relevant consumer via social media channels or community channels.


Engaging with consumers seamlessly on the chatbot or webpage as per the brands objectives.

Sample delivery

We take care of the operations. The consumer receives the product sample in a well packaged box.


Once sample delivered, the consumer shares their feedback on the product. Happy customers is all we want.


Campaign dashboard

Live Monitor, measure, track and save every progress of the campaign.

Real-time customer analysis

In depth analysis and consumer insights of audience engaging to the campaign.