Our platform enables for a data rich marketing campaign to be executed with end to end track-ability.

Our platform during a campaign collects a total of four different types of data sets from a consumer in one go meaning that the data and its ability to be used to deduce a substantial inference increases.

We deduce and utilise custom data models to extract worthy insights based on the campaign data to ultimately help you to boost your brand sales.


Data Analytics and Insights

We have partnered with Delhivery one of the leading logistics company in India with support for over 15000 pin codes all over India. Providing us with the ability to ship your order anywhere in any market of your choice in the company.

The packaging and other operations with respect to fulfilment is taken care by our dedicated team.

Consumer Interaction

We utilise the Facebook messenger as the primary medium of interaction with the consumer due to its popularity making it the ubiquitous choice for a low friction lean operating marketing campaign.

Our entire targeting operations using Facebook targeting operations is enhanced and accelerated.

Chatbot allows for your brand to maintain a relationship with your consumer for a much longer duration of time thus enabling the brand to engage with the consumer in the a with a strong sense of connection.

Integration and targeting

We at FreeStand make a strong effort every time to make sure that the consumer interaction that takes place follows strict brand identity guidelines and norms to develop a persona of the consumer in code.

Our chatbot provides your brand with a bilateral medium of interaction enabling a stronger and a deeper connection with your users. The utilisation of consumer interaction paves the way for the brand to execute a permission marketing campaign.

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