Evocus Introduces Black Alkaline Water to Consumers in Delhi and Gurgaon with Digital Sampling



4.9 Lakhs

Individuals were reached during the scope of the campaign


Unique individuals were engaged in a conversation on the chatbot


Consumers visited the online sales channels or expressed a purchase intent


Social Media Ads Strategy and Design

The brand wanted to create a pull amongst its target audience based on its products key features. Brand shared with us 6 key use cases and all the social media ad graphics were based around those use cases.

Awareness driven

Total Unique Individuals reached during the scope of the campaign with product use cases:
4.9 Lakhs Individuals



Unique Individuals Engaged in a conversation on the Chatbot

1 minute, 47 seconds

Average Duration of Customer Interaction


Unique Individuals Engaged on the Facebook Page


Experience and purchase intent

Packaging Material Design and Pamphlet

Total Unique Individuals who received the Product Sample of Evocus Alkaline Water

Consumer Feedback and Purchase Intent Capture

Total Consumers who got the samples and shared their feedback

Percentage of Consumers who visited the online sales channels or expressed a purchase intent

Heading Needed

It is rare for individuals to receive a product for free off the internet, therefore when the consumers actually receive a product samples at their houses they rave about it, they tell their friends and post on their social media channels, ultimately boosting your brand’s trust factor amongst your target customers.

Purchase Intent

The brand could generate the maximum intent for their subscription plan which included pack of 24 bottles on a monthly basis

Client testimonial

Zulkarnain Shaikh

“Digital product sampling enables you to create maximum impact on your customer in a scalable manner.”

- Sr. Digital Marketing Manager PAN India at EVOCUS H2O