Our Mission

We aspire to develop tools to enable brands with merit and trust in their products to succeed. We believe that there are people who make products with passion and heart have an audience for it and we aspire to be the sherpa on this journey.

Mediocre products encourage false advertising as the medium of choice to propagate and profit with FreeStand we are attempting to change that by developing a marketing methodology that brings product quality and merit to the centre stage ultimately paving way for passionate inventors and a positive society.

Our Values

Always share ideas

Nothing connects two people stronger than ideas. People who can ideate fearlessly can grow exponentially.

Learn by yourself

Learning by yourself is the best means to empower oneself, after-all else is taken away, you only got you to have your back.

Team work

Diversity is a gateway to the world, always be kind, empathetic and collaborative with your peers. There is always something new to learn.

The Team

Konark Sharma

Konark Sharma loves to know stuff. He is the guy you hear from about weird documentaries, cars, tech and movies. Konark loves marketing, can occasionally be seen super shaken after going through a bout of iconic ad campaigns on youtube.

Loves Data, Humans and Character. She is an LSR graduate who has taken to the road less travelled. Loves to understand humans and to come up with creative ways to derive actionable insights. Doesn't like coffee, has seen sacred games 7 times already.

Sneh SoniKavach Chandra

Kavach is the quintessential "great guy", is the Free Stand crisis management person. Helping us out whenever we get into deep trouble. The man flexes some serious tech muscles. If you have ever heard a story of Kavach helping people out of deep trouble, it is probably true.