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Launch your product

"In an year more than 85% of the products launched in the FMCG industry fail*" We believe that for the passionate makers there is always a group of passionate consumers and our entire quest with you is to find those people and introduce them to your product.

Expand into a new market

This use case of our platform is incredibly useful for young brands trying to identify new grounds to conquer. We curate a campaign for you that not only helps you understand and evaluate the feasibility of the market you seek to launch in but also draw you a game plan on how to continue there onwards.

Execute a unique influencer campaign

Be it an influencer campaign you aspire to execute on Instagram, a blog, Snapchat or anywhere on the internet. Our platform can enable you to execute a one of a kind and super insightful campaign with conclusive metrics to gauge the influence rub on your brand.

Engage your fans better

Currently chatbots have an 70% open rate while email has 3%
Our data analytics and communications capabilities put you in the right spot to strike a conversation with your fans and learn firsthand from them as to how you can add more value to their life.

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